« They were both in white, and their dresses were rippling and fluttering as if they had just been blown back after a short flight around the house. »
F. Scott Fitzgerald

That sentence from The Great Gatsby had a strong impact on my imagination at the time, and I've been wanting to translate this impression into images for a while. For some reason, I never had a Roaring Twenties dress in mind when I pictured that scene, but a more classical, bell-shaped dress that would allow a young woman to lightly float back to a sofa. In my mind's eye, the woman was light and fragile, with a classy look and a proud pout.
This was the basis for this inspiration shoot, and when I first set eyes on the Belle-Noé Manor and its gorgeous rooms, I knew I had find the perfect place to make it come to life.

We did put a certain emphasis on the "getting ready" — the room was inspiring, and I wanted to illustrate that even though it often rains in Brittany, you can still get gorgeous pictures of your wedding day inside a manor.
Hence, we used the sitting room for a staged shoot, and the lovely blue bedroom for some more dramatic images.
We managed to reach the seaside just before sunset, to catch a few ethereal shots of Anna, who seems to float on the pink sand.

This inspiration shoot has been published in the prominent French wedding blog La Mariée en Colère.


Taffetas gown : Tara Deva
Flowers : Hortense et Joséphine
Hair : Home Sweet Hair
Make-up : Belle et Zen
Jewellery : L'atelier joaillerie
Venue : Manoir de Belle-Noé
Model : Anna Modèle
Photography Assistant : Pierre Le Sayec

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